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Buy T-shirts, Kurtas, Dresses and more under ₹ 599

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UNDER ₹ 599

Buy T-shirts, Kurtas, Dresses and more under ₹ 599

Save Money with Amazon Deals & Offers 

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Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

Amazon Prime membership gives you access to many exciting benefits, including the following:

  • No Delivery Charge: You get one-day, two-day, and scheduled delivery according to your address when signing up for the membership. Standard deliveries are available without minimum order.
  • Get discounts and cashback: Express delivery and Prime membership offers discounts
  • Get special discounts on baby products: Amazon Prime membership may be a great option if you have children. Get 15% off diaper subscriptions and other eligible baby products.
  • Unlimited access to entertainment: Not least, you have complete and unrestricted access to hundreds of movies in many languages, music, and even borrowed books, which you can use on the Kindle App.

Amazon Free Shipping

Amazon offers free shipping on your first order. You can get free shipping if you order a fulfillment Amazon product. You can also subscribe to Amazon Prime and receive unlimited free delivery.

Subscribe to Amazon and Save

A subscription can be made for groceries, pantry items, or other items you often use and cannot forget to order. The number of months you have subscribed will determine how often these deliveries are made. Your first Subscribe and Save (SnS) order will receive a 5% discount. If you receive 1 or 2 rankings on the monthly delivery day, you can get 5% off your next order. You will also get 10% off if three or more orders. If diapers are one product you subscribed to, you will only get a discount of 5 if you order three or more. Prime membership is required to get the 10% discount (including diapers) that you are used to each day.

Amazon Prime Student Discount

Prime membership is half-off for students for six months. To avail of this offer, all you need to do is sign up with your student ID details. You will receive free shipping on all eligible orders and huge discounts on essential college items such as bags, headphones, and phone cases. Amazon Music and Prime Video Channels discounts are available to students. Students also have the option of free Kindle reading for two months.

To Unlock Savings, Spend Less Than You Need

When you spend Rs 250, you can get cashback up to Rs 500. To avail of the offer, you will need to pay using the UPI payment method on Amazon App. This offer is only available for first-time customers and is not valid for extended periods.

Amazon Lightning Deals every day.

Amazon offers lightning deals for customers on the move. You can also save money on products purchased. Prime membership gives you early access to lightning deals. The Prime membership offers additional benefits, including exclusive deals every day.


Amazon is one of India's largest shareholders. Jeff Bezos founded it from a garage in 1994. It's a well-known fact that Amazon was the first bookselling platform to deliver books within one month of its launch. Amazon today offers a marketplace for millions of sellers to offer everything, from fruits and vegetables to books and movies to even items that you didn't know existed online.

Amazon is constantly improving the lives of its customers with newer solutions. Amazon Prime, which offers fast delivery and unlimited access to tons of entertainment, inspect and purchase, allows people to check the contents of their shipment and only accept it if it meets the description. Over a million people are employed in more than 200 countries. This company is a place for buyers and sellers and for job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to do something new.

What is Amazon's Return Policy?

Amazon's returns policy allows buyers to return or exchange a purchased item for another of the same type. Before placing an order, make sure to review the return window on the product page. Items can usually be returned within 7 to 10 days, depending on the item. You have 30 days to return some things, such as jewelry and luggage bags. If the exact product you ordered is unavailable with the seller during exchanges, Amazon will refund your money. You do not have to return damaged products, but you can still get a refund.

What is Amazon Shipping Policy?

Amazon's delivery times will vary depending on the product and seller. Free shipping is available for some orders. Amazon Prime members get free shipping for almost all orders. Place the product into the cart, and then proceed to checkout to determine the shipping costs and delivery time.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards can be a great way to send a message of congratulations, such as on a birthday or anniversary. You can personalize your gift cards with artwork or a message. The gift cards can be redeemed quickly and last for an entire year. The gift card can be used on any Amazon product, except the app and a few other global developments. It also allows the recipient to purchase gift cards. You can save money while shopping for these brands online with gift cards by buying Ola, Chumbak, and other gift cards.

How do you contact Amazon Customer Service?

There are two ways to reach Amazon customer service. You can first chat with an expert on Amazon's contact page. You can also visit the contact us page to speak with an expert if you have questions. Fill out the form, and an Amazon representative will call you back to discuss your issue.


Amazon's Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get Amazon's lowest price?

Amazon offers many ways to get the lowest price. First, monitor the costs and be on the lookout for sales. Online coupons or offers can obtain huge discounts, and you buy them for the lowest price. To reduce the cost of the product, you can make use of certain bank offers. Check to see if Amazon Pay offers are available. This can allow you to make huge savings.

What is the best time for Amazon to sell?

Amazon holds various sales throughout the year. Amazon's famous sale, The Amazon Great Indian Festival, is held every year. This festival allows users to grab products at prices never before seen. You can get heavy discounts on large appliances, oversized clothing, and furniture, making this a great time to shop on Amazon. Amazon also offers sales for all occasions and festivals. You can get some significant savings from Amazon at these times, whether it's Father's Day or Independence Day.

Is price drops possible for Amazon products?

A notification can be sent to you if there is a price reduction on the product you are interested in. Download third-party apps through Amazon Seller Tools to receive price drop notifications. Depending on where you are located, Keepa, CamelCamelCamelCamel, and The Shopping Price Alert are some of the most popular apps you can download. Keep is available for Indians without any VPNs. It will monitor the prices of millions of Amazon products. To be notified of price drops, you can also create watches. To monitor the price in real-time, you can download the Chrome extension. You can also upgrade to a premium Keepa account to get premium features.

How can you get free shipping?

All orders with the 'Free Shipping Label' will qualify for free shipping Customers who have Prime membership or order more than Rs. Five hundred can get products shipped free of charge. 499.

What is the best time for Amazon to sell?

It hosts regular sales, making it a great time to shop for your favorite products. Customers can look forward to the Indian Festival and Independence Day Sale and follow the company's announcements and discounts on the website.

How can you get free shipping?

All orders with the 'Free Shipping Label' will qualify for free shipping Customers who have Prime membership or order more than Rs. Five hundred can get products shipped free of charge. 499.

What is Amazon Renewed?

The company will renew the product with professional help if the product is returned in good condition. The warranty card is attached to the development, and it is sold. All accessories are included in the renewed product, and they work exactly like a new one.